Friday, August 02, 2013

Mike and Ike Review-A-Thon Part 5

Well, this is my last Mike and Ikes review for this weeks review-a-thon.  This might also be the first time I've ever posted a review-a-thon based on one particular brand of candy.  Allison commented about this last night, and she asked me why I chose to do this.  I think the key reason I chose these as the subject of a review-a-thon is because I really didn't even know that so many varieties of Mike and Ike's existed.  I knew that they had a few special editions, and I knew that Hot Tamales were like hot Mike and Ikes, but I really wasn't aware of this huge range that is apparently available all the time.  Apparently I'm not the only one either, I've received a few messages from friends surprised that Mike and Ikes came in more than just one or two flavours.  So I end this week having sampled some good, and some bad, Mike and Ikes, but I come away knowing that there are options.

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Anonymous said...

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Chris Stewart said...

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