Monday, October 28, 2013

This Week In Candy

Have you ever heard of KAS soda? On my cruise a few weeks ago I came across a drink called KAS, it was available in both lemon and orange.  I'm assuming, since we were on a Spanish cruise ship, that this drink was also Spanish.  All I can say is it was one of the nicest orange and lemon sodas I've ever sampled before.  It was sweet enough, but it has a nice tartness as well.  It's most similar to Fanta, but a little more flavourful.  As of writing this I don't feel the need to drink any more right now, but that's because I made sure to drink as much as possible on my cruise.  I'm sure in a month or so I'll start craving it, and I may have to consider a trip to Spain to deal with my addiction.

Last week I wrote a piece about the various desserts I came across on my trip, this week I'll be posting a piece about some treats I found in one particular port on this trip, Istanbul.  Most people only know Turkey for their namesake treat, Turkish delight, but that's really just scratching the surface of what this country, and in particular the city of Istanbul, has to offer.

Also, I can officially announce that we'll be starting a contest this week. The fine folks at have not only provided us with some treats to sample, but they're also interested in making sure on of our readers gets some candy too.  I'll have more about this contest later this week.

All this and I almost forgot, it's Halloween this week!  Make sure to dress up right and fill those pillow cases to the rim with candy.  Let me know if you discover anything particularly tasty this year.


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