Friday, November 01, 2013

Candy News

Art made from candy is truly something I love, here's a great example of that, which includes monsters as well.

Here's a strange question, "Which Candy Would You Eat On Pizza?" I would have to go with sliced Oh Henry.

If you're thinking that candy on a pizza sounds good, why not try a 7-Layer Candy Bar Dip?

I think I've posted articles about this before, but here's another look at Babe Ruth V Baby Ruth.

Did you know that Chattanoga was a candy town, I sure didn't, but now I think I may have to visit.

Once again the hierarchy of candy has returned, prepare to argue about weather or not a Bounty bar is better and a Mounds bar.

Dietitians agree that portion control is the way to go, and changing our treats to make them healthier is not.

Retro candy stores are a great way for a small business to thrive.

Speaking of candy stores, take a look at Economy Candy in New York, it looks fantastic.

A blast at a Mexico candy factory kills 1.  No one should die for candy.

In this Guardian list of the most impressive food heists, 4 of them are sweet treats.

Do you know what one million Skittles looks like?  Would you like to?

Haute couture made out of chocolate!  Now that's the kind of fashion show I could get into.

Kit Kat is going to change their recipe to eliminate saturated fats, it better taste as good or better.

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