Monday, November 04, 2013

This Week In Candy

What a fun week we have in store.  First of all I'd like to announce, officially, a contest we're having with our good friends at  For the next two weeks we are going to be singing the praises of cool retro candy.  Best of all, the folks at are going to give one of our lucky winners an awesome box filled with retro candy.  That's right, one lucky winner is going to win a box of candy for free.  This box has everything from an Abba Zaba to Walnettos (What's this Walnettos are this week's review?!!), and everything in between. You can read all about which fine treats you'll be getting right here.  So how do you win this awesome prize?  It's actually very simple, tell me what candy treat has the best memories for you, and why.

A crack team of candy enthusiasts will go through the entries and pick out the one that tugs on our heart strings the most.  That person will win the awesome box of candy provided by the fine people at  You can enter by sending us a message here, leaving a comment anywhere on this blog, dropping us a line on our Facebook page, on our Google+ page, or if you can cut it down to 140 character our Twitter page.  Feel free to get creative, if you want to shoot a video on YouTube, or take a series of photos, that's fine too, just include the link.  The key is to make sure we can get back to you, so make sure we can contact you via social media, or e-mail.  If we can't contact you, and you give us a beautiful story, we'll have to give it to the guy with the second best story instead.  The contest ends November 20th at midnight, so you have time now, but it will run out quickly. The only bad news is that this contest is limited to folks living in USA and Canada only.

So as you can see from this awesome announcement, we're going retro for the next little while, that means I have to pull out my Hammer Pants, and Blue Blockers.


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