Friday, December 27, 2013

Candy News

I know Christmas is passed, but I still have more holiday links to post.  Like this one about how to build an indestructible gingerbread house. And this article about one of the greatest Canadian Christmas treats ever.

Got some eggnog left over?  Why not make some ice cream?

Could 2014 be the year of white chocolate? It appears that chocolatiers are finding a use for this confectionery that most people consider faux chocolate.

I always get a kick out of reading articles about people that are taking traditional candies and bringing them back.

If you happened to get any chocolate for Christmas this year, you might want to hang onto it as an investment.

Is the world really a better place when candy fights cavities, instead of causing them?

Disney is well known for some pretty spectacular treats, and now your car can smell like one.

Have you ever tried astronaut ice cream, have any astronauts?

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