Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Variations I Want To See

For the last 10 years candy companies have turned out hundreds of variations of classic candy treats.  These variations might be taking a bar like a Kit Kat, or Aero bar, and slapping a layer of caramel on top, or adding some orange flavour to the chocolate.  For the most part I look at these variations as being a little lazy creatively.  But sometimes there are variations for a reason, often these reasons are associated with holidays, and these variations can often be kind of fun.  So it made me think, what classic candies haven't had a Christmas variation but should?

Kit Kat - I'm very surprised that one, if not the, best selling candy bar in the world does not offer a Christmas edition.  You could easily dress this bar up with some eggnog flavoured chocolate, or mix some gingerbread into the wafers to create the perfect festive treat.  It's not like the Kit Kat bar hasn't offered variations in the past either.  In fact I'm pretty sure that the Kit Kat is the bar with the most variations ever, with all kinds of strange flavour combinations.  So why are they avoiding the Christmas holidays?
Dairy Milk bar - The Dairy Milk bar is another treat that has had many different varieties over the years. While most people associate Dairy Milk bars with having classic ingredients like nuts and dried fruit, they have on occasion done some pretty interesting varieties as well. Most recently they've had some bars featuring jellybeans, Pop Rocks, and other fun treats.  They've even made a Dairy Milk bar for Easter; it was filled with Cadbury Cream egg filling.  I just can't see why they wouldn't want to try something with a holiday theme, maybe some Christmas spices, or fruitcake.

Jelly belly - This treat seems like the most obvious candy to have a holiday version.  As far as I know I've never seen holiday themed Jelly Belly treats (correct me if you've seen them).  I just think that this treat has so much potential to take on Christmas flavours.  The good thing about these is you could go with classic Christmas flavours like candy cane, cinnamon, or shortbread, but you could also go with crazy flavours like pine tree, Christmas goose, or cranberry sauce.  It just seems like the perfect fit.


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