Monday, December 02, 2013

This Week In Candy

What the heck is "Green Cola"?  I've seen this can of cola on the shelf of my local grocery store for a few years now, but I've never had the nerve to buy it.  When I first noticed the design, I thought that it was an official Coca-Cola product, but on closer inspection I realized that it wasn't.  It sure looks official though.  I still couldn't figure out why it was called "Green". So after sampling it, do I know?  Not at all.  The cola is not green, the can doesn't seem more environmentally friendly, it's basically just a can of Coke 0.

About 3 weeks ago I announced a contest that would net the winner a huge box of retro candy from our friends at  We asked people to write about their favorite candy memory, and we got some great answers.  But alas we could only have one winner, and it was a nice mix of nostalgia and sentiment.  Congratulations Holli, and thanks for telling us a little bit about your fond candy memories:

"Ahh retro candy...  My fondest memory is of Cadbury Astros.  Remember those?  Chocolate outside, crispy centered, multicolored balls?  It was a favorite treat on family nights. Once a month or so, we would bring our mattresses down to the living room, and my sister, mom, and I would eat junk food and watch movies. This was the only time we ever had Astros, so they were a coveted treat. We were never a very close family, but those nights were always fun. Even the cats would get in on it. One loved to steal a red Twizzlers and run off to eat it.  Apparently, you can now only get Astros in Africa. Sad times :("


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