Monday, December 30, 2013

This Week In Candy

I hope everybody had a great holiday, or maybe you're still enjoying a great holiday.  This week I've got a few things going up on Candy Critic.  First of all, for the first time ever, I've decided to post a list of highlight reviews from this year.  I went through my archive of reviews and picked out some treats of note. They're not necessarily the "best" treats, but they are treats that are worth tasting.  If I can, and I remember, I think I might make this an annual event.

I'm also getting a few of the projects that I've promised ready for the new year.  New t-shirts, YouTube videos, and more podcasts should be on their way.  To start things off, I'm releasing a series of t-shirts this week, with a new one coming out every day. I also have a few review-a-thons planned for the new year as well.  I was debating weather I should have review-a-thons or an extra Wednesday review with a theme, and I think review-a-thons are a much better idea.  I may bring back the Wednesday themed review later, but for now review-a-thons are the thing for me.

Finally, it's looking like Candy Critic is going to go through some pretty big changes this year.  Some will be super secret, others are listed above.  Either way I thank everybody who's taken the time to keep up with my snacking fanaticism, and I hope this new year brings on more snacks for all of us.


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