Monday, December 09, 2013

This Week In Candy

With December upon us it's time to think about what we're doing over the holidays.  Myself, I'm taking it slow and easy.  I've got lots of writing to do, and baking as well.  As you may or may not know, I'm working on a cookbook right now, and that means lots and lots of testing and tweaking of recipes.  I've decided to use this month as a hard core month of baking and photographing what I bake.  For the holidays themselves, I think Allison and I are going to stay home and just enjoy the eating all of the stuff that I bake.

Holli, the grand winner in our retro candy gift box contest, has sent us a review of the new Presidents Choice Decadent chocolate soda.  I haven't been back to Canada in a while I haven't had the chance to sample it myself, but since I plan on returning in the next 10 month or so, I hope I still can.

"My review of Presidents Choice Decadent chocolate soda. On it's own, not so great. Would be awesome as a mixer. Vanilla ice cream is suggested, or some sort of alcohol (I'm thinking Kahlua or Bailey's would be a good choice, then again I don't drink much so what do I know...) Don't get this to drink on it's own. The novelty wears off after the first sip or two." - Holli

You should also notice that this month we'll be focusing on Christmas and the holidays with our regular posts. If you come across a great holiday candy related tidbit, be it an advertisement, video, or even a cool thing, let us know.


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