Wednesday, January 08, 2014

A Cool Candy Thing

I've popped popcorn using many different tools in my day, the microwave, fancy machines, and my favorite, stove top in a pot.  But I've never popped popcorn over and open fire.  I have great visions of sitting around the campfire with some friends, singing songs, telling ghost stories, and then enjoying a nice bowl of smokey hot popcorn.  While this is how I picture it, I'm sure the reality involves a lot more rain, and bugs.  So I may never get to try this popper out, but it's nice to dream a little.



cybele said...

We had an open fire popcorn popper when I was a kid. We used it in the fireplace (I think we did it once outside). It was really hard to not catch the whole thing on fire, really hard to get them to pop evenly without some of them drying out before you were done with the whole thing.

Of course popcorn itself has become better. (The hybrids and such.)

I still prefer when the airpopper came out. Even though it makes an absurd amount of noise, it's the best flavor and pretty much instant gratification.

Chris Stewart said...

I thought the idea of cooking popcorn over an open fire was too good to be true.

My favorite way to make popcorn is with a pot. It's not only easy to do, but really fun too. I always add too much popcorn (maybe on purpose) so the pot overflows and minor chaos ensues.