Friday, January 10, 2014

Candy News

3D printed cakes are the cakes of the future, and can only be improved if they could make a 3D printed ice cream cake.

Mental Floss posted a great list of "39 Amazing Facts for National Trivia Day", included are a few great sweet facts in there as well.

More good news about chocolate, apparently it reduces cholesterol.

Speaking of chocolate, what does the future hold for this most popular of sweet treats, unfortunately it's not perfect.

So the "Soda Ninja Swipe" is a pretty awesome party trick, the problem is it might leave your soda flat.

I love food dioramas, and I love miniature scenes, so these miniature scenes made from food are awesome.

It turns out that candy bar wrappers can help people that suffer with Dementia, it triggers a happy memory in all of us.

If I could go to one New Years eve party in the world, I think Bethlehem Pennsylvanian would be my choice.

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