Friday, January 24, 2014

Candy News

For all of you bakers out there, I have three words for you "Sweet Potato Caramel".

So the folks at Haribo designed some candies that aren't really politically correct, so now they're saying sorry.

What better way to say I love you than candy, because apparently people would rather have that then a handful of dying flowers.

According to the Specialty Food Association, everybody is looking to blow out their taste buds with extreme flavors.

The words decadent and chocolate are used a lot together, I think this is a good thing.

Did you know the difference between Dutch Process and Natural cocoa?  Did you even know that there was a difference?

I never thought that one could even make Cotton Candy by hand (without a machine) but I've been proven wrong.

First Cadbury purple is trademarked, now it appears that the shape of a Kit Kat might be trademarked too.

Speaking of Kit Kat, apparently there's a Kit Kat store in Tokyo that just opened... change my travel plans.

First they tell us that chocolate prices are going up, then they tell us to eat more white chocolate, now they're saying that chocolate prices are going back down... I'm so confused.

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