Thursday, January 09, 2014

Orville You Amaze Me

A few months ago I made a special order of fun treats from home.  Every once in a while I crave some treats and foods that I can only get in Canada, things like Shreddies and Kraft Dinner just remind me of home and make me feel warm inside.  One of the things I ordered on this round was microwave popcorn.  Now you may be wondering why I would have microwave popcorn from so far away when you can pretty much buy the stuff all over the world.  This first reason is Mr Redenbacher, that man makes some mean popcorn.  It puffs up nicely, leaves very few un-popped kernels, and the fake butter flavour is stupendous.
 The other reason I placed this order was to try out their new microwave bowl technology.  Orville Redenbacher found a way to change their microwave bag into a bowl.  I have to admit that I was skeptical of this, and I figured I would just end up with the same floppy bag that I always get, only it would have an opening on the side.  As it turns out it not only works, it brings more entertainment to the popcorn popping experience.  While the bag is popping both sides of the bag are made from a red transparent plastic.  That means that for the first time ever, you can watch your microwave popcorn pop.  It seems like a trivial thing, but I assure you that if you buy this you'll watch at least one bag pop.
 As far as the bowl itself, it was really easy to open up.  You still have to be careful of the steam, and if you're like me you'll burn yourself at least once because you'll rush trying to open it.  The only fault I found with this design is that the red plastic doesn't seem to come off as easily as they say it would in the instructions.  I find that I have to work one end till I get to the middle, then I have to start on the other end. The instructions imply that it comes off in one easy tug.  This is only a problem because this is also the time you're most likely to get a steam burn.
Once the plastic is off, the bowl works perfectly.  I enjoyed a few bags of this wonderful treat watching movies at my house and the bowl sat nicely on my lap and on the table.  As always the popcorn popped very well, and the butter flavour was very well distributed.  I think that this might be the next great step in microwave popcorn technology.


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