Monday, January 06, 2014

This Week In Candy

This week is going to be about popcorn.  I wanted to write about what I consider to be the latest and greatest popcorn innovation since the microwave bag. So that article will be going up later this week, the future of popcorn is here my friends.  I also wanted to show off my latest 8-bit t-shirt design, as you can imagine it's popcorn themed.  Finally I wanted an excuse to eat a lot of popcorn this week, so enjoy popcorn week here on the Candy Critic blog.

If you're not following us on Instagram, this might be a good excuse.  We've just started a new segment on our Instagram account called our daily Snack Fact.  Every day we'll post a new fact about the snacks we love to eat.  We'll look at the history, science, and general trivia about all the junk food we love to eat.

On a technical side, we've been messing with our various feeds lately trying to make sure there is no doubling up or missing links.  This is a process that takes some time, and we're still working out the bugs.  Hopefully we'll have it all working perfectly very soon, but we appreciate your patience as we're working it out.  On a side note, any tips you might have on this subject are greatly appreciated as well.


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