Friday, February 07, 2014

Candy News

Flavour wise beer and chocolate make sense together, culturally I'm not so sure.

Did you know that PEZ was origionally a candy for adults? Well it is once again.

As a protest to the word "Candy" being trademarked for use in a video game by the makers of Candy Crush Saga, a few people have started to make their own candy themed games.

So how do you feel about Necco's latest new messages to be printed onto their candy hearts: "#LOVE” "TXT Me" and “Occupy My 3>”?

Are you into Dungeons and Dragons?  Do you like candy?  Well here's a little project you might enjoy.

Huffington Post recently posted a list of "Disappointing Foods That Are Never As Good As You Think They'll Be", but I'd argue quite a few of these.

Here's an interesting photo collection were they compare things that have been banned in parts of the USA, to things that are allowed (pretty much guns).  Kinder Eggs are included in the things that have been banned.

Skittles art is so cool, any subject works really well, even your favorite football player.

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