Friday, February 14, 2014

Candy News

What's the sexiest food you know, chocolate, oysters... asparagus?!!

I normally don't link to other people's snack reviews, but I highly doubt I'll ever review edible underwear myself.

Get the full scoop on Candy Hearts, then get yourself a full scoop of Candy Hearts.

Of this list of ways to say I love you using food, I think "let a jar of Nutella do the talking" is good enough for me.

So does wine and chocolate really go together?  I'm convinced that everything goes with chocolate, so the answer is yes.

Apparently who you vote for may actually have a connection to what kind of candy you like.

Boing Boing has posted two really interesting articles that I feel tell the real problem with obesity in the world right now. Here's the first, and here's the second.

If you need to argue that chocolate might be a health food, read this article, and amaze your friends.

Here's an interesting study that deals with how we are affected by candy advertising.

I find it odd that the closer we get to Valentine's Day, the more recipes I'm discovering for candy themed alcoholic drinks.

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