Friday, February 28, 2014

Candy News

Ben and Jerry's has invented a new way to put more things into their ice cream, this is the kind of science I can get behind.

I'm glad that King Games does not own the word candy, because that might affect the way I write candy reviews.

Are those Cheesies?  Nope, they're miniature representations of popular culture and art.

What would you do with five-hundred thousand sugar cubes?  Would you build a fortress?

Here's a look at 50 years of PopTarts, from a PopTarts expert.

Here's a look at how Russel Stover turned into one of the biggest players in the chocolate scene.

Here are 10 facts about Tastykakes, and here's one bonus one:  I've never tried one in my life.

The folks at Jelly Belly are trying out some new natural colours, but we all want to know, will their candy still be pretty?

I've stopped believing when "experts" tell me that something I eat is unhealthy, it's a constantly changing science.  Moderation and portion control are always in style.

Army rations are often described as horrible but nourishing, but some of the treats you get with them are downright tasty.

Sara Lee, real.  Betty Crocker, fake.  Famous Amos, real.  A great list of who's real and who isn't, as well as an explanation.

Did you know that you can order custom made chocolate bars on the internet? You can also get custom ice cream too.

Just Born updates their factory, and now we can expect some new awesome treats.

Fannie May recalled their heart shaped box of chocolates, apparently they contain nuts where there shouldn't be.

So this guy working at a warehouse had problems with a candy machine, he then did the next logical thing, and slammed the machine using a forklift

Apparently people wan their licorice to not only be soft, but healthier.

Time Magazine listed the 13 most influential candy bars of all times, I have a few problems with this list, but many of the bars deserve high praise.

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