Monday, February 17, 2014

This Week In Candy

Right off the bat I should tell you that these cookies pictured above have nothing to do with anything we're posting this week.  I just got a tin of official Real Madrid cookies from a friend in Spain, so I'm eating them.  I'm not writing a review, and after this paragraph you'll probably never hear about them again.  I'll hear more about them however because I still have three quarters of the tin to go through.

This week we will be talking about geographical tastes.  More to the point, we're going to look at the fact that some foods you think are global hits are in fact only popular in some places.  Whenever I travel, I like to visit grocery stores, and in these grocery stores I get an idea about what people like to eat wherever I am.  Sometimes it's because I can't find something that I consider a food staple, other times I find a lot of something that I'm not even sure how you would eat it.  Generally I tend to buy some local groceries, find myself a kitchen, and experiment.

Lately I've started to keep track of how many reviews I've posted.  A few weeks back I did a count and mentioned that I had posted 861 reviews.  Well after this morning's new review, we're up to 869 reviews, thanks in part to our Ritter Sport review-a-thon a couple weeks back.  I think I'm going to somehow keep up with counting my reviews, maybe on This Week In Candy.


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