Monday, February 24, 2014

This Week In Candy

Well today is a day of good and bad news for me.  First the good news, it appears that team Canada has won the gold medals in hockey, and placed third in overall medals.  I'm a proud Canadian, so it brings a twinge of pride to me, and also makes me crave Tim Hortons for some reason.  Sadly however my week is, and probably won't be perfect.

I had grand plans this week, it was to be a week of writing, posting, and general candy fun times.  Then it hit me... a cold.  I'm presently wrapped up in a blanket playing games on my tablet and napping a lot.  When this sort of thing happens, my weekly candy review update (that was posted this morning) comes from a collection of candy reviews that I keep on hand.  That's right, I have reviewed several treats in advance, just in case I'm unable to write a review on (or close to) Monday.  Now I'm going to go back to bed with a warm cup of chicken noodle soup.

Don't worry about me being sick, I'll still be posting regularly this week.  I can't foresee any bonus articles this week, unless I discover an amazing cure for the cold in candy form.  Having said that, if any candy companies out there have said cure, sending it to me now will guarantee many posts extolling the virtues of your amazing cure for the cold candy.


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