Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Brent's Take

My friend Brent just moved to Japan. He's not a huge candy fanatic, but he's always up for an adventure.  During his stay in Japan, Brent has volunteered to write regularly about the treats he comes across, or any other snack related finds he discovers.  We're calling this new series "Brent's Take".
I have a bite-sized review for you. 

On first glance I was attracted to this project by pure Orwellian fascination. Could this be the long sought after generic food bar of my dreams?  Ingredients are wheat and flour, happily sugar is only the fourth. Then lemon rind and other inoffensive substrates. Calorie Mate comes packed in a box containing two foil packages each holding two biscuits. The biscuits themselves are best likened to shortbread cookies although far less saccharine. The lemon rind taste is apparent, but overall the experience is exactly as bland as I'd hoped. In a land of dynamic snacks, calorie mate stands out as a truly mediocre flavour experience, which is why I give it my personal stamp of approval. 

It also comes in chocolate and a variety of other flavours, which I have yet to sample. 

Signing off from Tokyo!

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