Friday, March 21, 2014

Candy News

We've always known that chocolate was good for you, now we know why.

According to a recent study, hard to open packages are one of the biggest problems in the candy world.

Apparently science may soon release a pill to help your heat, best of all, it's made with chocolate.

This could be the strangest candy related article of the year "7 Animals That Smell Like Gourmet Jelly Beans"

So you're out in the woods, and you're craving some popcorn, but you forgot to pack a pot to pop it in, well here's your solution.

The history of candy is a pretty fascinating thing, it says a lot about who we are today, and Mental Floss has a great list of 15 such events.

According to a new study, our social conscience is driving what we want to eat.

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