Friday, April 18, 2014

Candy News

Here are some pretty fun Easter ideas that the Easter Bunny might be trying this year.

What do you do when Easter is long over, and you're still craving Peeps (apparently they might continue selling them all year but if you can't find them)?  You can make your own.

Gummy bear sex goes wrong, and it ends with hospitalization and burns all over the body.

Speaking of sex, if you're looking for a little help after your gummy bear debacle, why not have some Viagra dosed ice cream?

If you still have problems in your relationship, apparently snacks may hold the key to fixing them, provided you don't pour scalding hot melted candy on the one you love.

Sometimes the name of your product can lead to problems on the global market, and here's a few examples.

Here's the concept for this Japanese game show, there's a room, and several objects in the room are in fact made of chocolate, now you have to find out which objects are made of chocolate by biting them.  This is a great idea.

Although this article claims that it's a recipe for "sprinkles flavoured ice cream", it's really a recipe for sugary cereal flavoured ice cream, and that's even cooler.

Every year there's a photo list of film scenes that have been re-created using Peeps, and every year I love it. And if film scenes aren't enough, here's a few internet Memes done in Peeps as well.

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