Monday, May 19, 2014

This Week In Candy

My friend Leba got this strange looking rock in a bag of M&M's the other day.  Now some people might be disappointed to get something strange in their candy bag, but not Leba.  She bit right into it, and it turns out, it was a tasty bonus.  Do you ever get strange things in your candy?  Would you eat them?

I was looking up candy related board games last night and I was horribly disappointed.  I've discovered that there really aren't any great candy themed games, particularly for adults.  The only game that came up again and again was Candy Land.  While I love the aesthetics of the artwork and design of Candy Land, frankly it's a pretty dull game.  I've decided that I may have to design my own candy themed game, for big kids and adults.

As for what I'm doing this week, lots of writing on my super secret big project.  A few fun blogs about candy things I've discovered, and I may be recording a new episode of the "Junk Fud" Podcast this week.  This week on our "Snack Facts" feed, we'll be featuring Japanese treats and snacks.  If you want to connect with our Snack Facts feeds you can follow it on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


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