Monday, June 16, 2014

This Week In Candy

This week I'm on vacation.  That doesn't mean that you wont hear from me, it just means that I've had to pre-post most of my entries this week.  Allison made me promise not to work on Candy Critic for the whole week, so other than uploading a new entry today, I'm going to be keeping a low profile.  Having said that vacations tend to be the place where I discover new treats, so a vacation weeks tends to result in a big week of new things the week afterwards.

Recently a new ice cream store opened up here in Athens.  It's the Magic Pleasure store, and it looks super fancy.  Magic Pleasure is a brand of ice cream, that sells all over Greece, I'm not sure where else it is sold, but it's fairly popular here.  It's a high end ice cream bar that's dipped in premium chocolate and often has fancy nuts and other ingredients mixed in.  This might be the first store they've ever opened here, and I think you can order custom bars.  I guess I know what I'm doing for part of my vacation anyways.

I'm still working on a list of North American treats that I must pick up while I'm there later this summer. Here's my list so far:

Cracker Jacks
Sour Patch Kids
Various M&Ms
Caramilk Bar

If you can think of anything else that should be added to this list (only treats that have not been reviewed on let me know.


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