Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Cool Candy Thing - Movie Edition Part 4

When I asked people to suggest movie's about candy, I can't tell you how many people suggested movies that had candy themes in the title, but the story itself had nothing to do with candy.  That's not to say that these aren't fine movies, they just mislead a little bit in the title, particularly for those of us that really like candy themed movies.

Gumball Rally

This is not so much a movie about gumballs as it is a movie about racing cars. If you're familiar with the Cannon Ball Run series than you pretty much know what this movie is all about.


This is a movie about a serial killer that come to life when you say his name 5 times.  I'm not sure why they named him "Candyman", but I'm sure it's not because of his love of gummy bears.

Better Than Chocolate

This movie title plays on the theme of chocolate VS sex, which one is better.  It looks like a fun movie about a lesbian girl dealing with telling her parents about her lifestyle.


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