Friday, July 18, 2014

Candy News

Take the (mostly) snack mascot quiz, find out how well you know the characters that sell you food.

One day I'd like to travel across the USA and sample all of their "iconic soft drinks".

If you want to make ice cream just like Thomas Jefferson, here's a little help.  If you want to make ice cream just like the ice cream man, here's a little help with that too. Finally, if you just want to know where ice cream came from, we can help you there too.

Japanese company makes an iPhone case that looks like someone accidentally left a Popsicle on your iPhone.

As it turns out there are really only 10 companies that make almost all of the processed food you eat.

Cadbury has invented a machine that will tell you what kind of chocolate you like, based on your Facebook profile.

Annabel de Vetten made an awesome wedding cake that looks normal from one side, but the other side shows you the biology of this creepy cake.

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