Monday, July 07, 2014

This Week In Candy

Photo by Morgan Goodfellow
My friend David made these amazing Dr Who gummies and I thought I would share his photo.  I love it when art, candy, and my love of all things nerdy can come together.  Apparently they're not too hard to make, but I imagine that they're really hard to eat.  I would have such a hard time eating these because I'd want to play with them first, and they they'd get all dirty and I'd have to clean them up and then eat them.  Although the idea of biting the head off a Dalek is pretty tempting.

All this week on our Snack Facts feed we're going to be featuring facts about Cadbury.  Most Cadbury treats are a sure thing for me.  I can't think of any Cadbury treats that I completely hate.  The quality of Cadbury's chocolate is often fantastic, and the flavour combinations are both creative and functional.  It's only been a few years since Cadbury has broken out of the British colonies and started to go truly global.  Now the whole world is starting to experience the awesome treats this brand has to offer.  Make sure to check out our Snack Facts on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds.

Finally, we're getting ready for a big move here at Candy Critic.  We're leaving Greece and heading on a new adventure.  With this change comes a few changes to the Candy Critic blog.  While we're in transition, we're going to have a few special blog posts going online, we'll also be stopping a few of our regular posts as well.  When we get back we're going to re-think a few things here at Candy Critic to better streamline our system.  We're always interested in what you think of this blog, and  So let us know how you think we can improve things.


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