Monday, August 18, 2014

Canadian Candy List - Part 4 - Best Bar

Over the last few years I've been living away from my home country, Canada.  I've been traveling the world exploring all kinds of snack foods, junk foods, and sweets, but my heart is still in Canada.  I'm going to be back home for an extended period, and I've decided to compile various lists on the theme of Canadian candy and snacks.  Each week, for the next several weeks, I'll be posting a different list of Canadian candies I've reviewed in various categories.  Some of these treats may be available in other parts of the world, some are exclusive to the Great White North, but in my mind all of them are Canadian.

Chocolate bars are a global phenomenon.  In fact I often judge a countries ability to make sweet treats by the types of chocolate and candy bars I find in local store shelves.  Some places only sell the global brands, other countries have a huge collections of local bars.  Canada is truly split down the middle in this regard, you can get all of the big name brands in the stores (or many of them), but there are truly some pure Canadian chocolate bars that are well worth trying.

 This bar isn't really a classic Canadian bar, but it is one of the best bars that's ever found its way onto Canadian shelves.  Sadly, as you'll read more about in a future post, it's not longer available.

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 Most kids that I know, myself included when I was a kid, don't really like Coffee Crisp bars.  However, as an adult, most people can't get enough of these.  This is the kind of chocolate bar that one could eat in a business meeting, and not get any stares.

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 This bar will always have a soft spot in my heart.  It is my father's favorite sweet treat, so I always remember having them around.  To this day if I want to put a smile on his face, all I have to do is send him one of these, since he now lives in the USA.

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I had about two years of my life when the Mr Big bar was my bar of choice.  There was something great about the texture, and the fact that it was called "Mr Big".

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Of all of the Canadian bars on this list, the Oh Henry! bar is easily my favorite.  It's not only my favorite now, it's been my favorite bar for most of my life (excluding the two years I was into Mr Big).

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