Monday, September 15, 2014

Canadian Candy List - Part 8 - Most Canadian

Over the last few years I've been living away from my home country, Canada.  I've been traveling the world exploring all kinds of snack foods, junk foods, and sweets, but my heart is still in Canada.  I'm going to be back home for an extended period, and I've decided to compile various lists on the theme of Canadian candy and snacks.  Each week, for the next several weeks, I'll be posting a different list of Canadian candies I've reviewed in various categories.  Some of these treats may be available in other parts of the world, some are exclusive to the Great White North, but in my mind all of them are Canadian.

Some Canadian candy tastes great, other candies are fun to eat, but some Canadian candies are truly Canadian.  These candies represent everything it is to be Canadian, some are obvious, some are cultural things only locals would know.

 Some Canadians might argue that a chocolate bar from one of the Toronto Maple Leafs isn't really Canadian, it's more Torontonian.  Well since my Canada includes Toronto (mostly because it's my home town) I'm going to include this bar.  Frankly the bar itself was nothing special, but the idea that a hockey player "endorsed" it is what makes it Canadian.

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I'm pretty sure that just about every single Canadian has some kind of fond memory of eating maple sugar.  I have many, but almost all of them are associated with the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto.  We used to go every year, and it wouldn't be a proper visit without a taste of maple sugar.  It's also very Canadian when you consider that most of the worlds maple syrup comes from Canada.

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 I posted about the Oh Henry "Oh Canada" bar on my earlier list of best Canadian variety treats.  All I can tell you is that eating one of these bars is the closest you can get to eating a Canadian flag.  It's easily the most Canadian patriotic candy bar I've ever tasted.

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If you think about Canada, you really think about down home people.  Canada is full of people who welcome everyone and are always super polite.  However, if you want to know where this is the most true, few provinces can beat out Prince Edward Island.  When I visited this awesome province every single time I crossed a street every car would stop (even when I was jay walking).  People would always welcome you into their homes, and the food was simple and very tasty.  When I eat a bag of PEI potato chips I'm reminded of how nice a place Canada is to live.

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One of the great things about Canada is that it's a country of innovation.  No candy represents Canada, and innovation better than this Canadian Maple candy floss.  It takes a sweet treat that's been around for hundreds of years, and spins it into something brand new.  Unfortunately this particular brand of candy floss is no longer being made, but I'm hoping that another company takes this idea, because it's really great.

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