Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Cool Candy Thing - Halloween Costume Eddition

When you type the words "Halloween costume" into Google, most of the entries that you'll find will consist of "sexy" versions of various costumes.  There's no difference when you're trying to search out candy themed Halloween costumes either.  The most popular sexy "costume" one finds when doing a search for candy costumes tends to be a small tight dress that vaguely looks like a famous candy wrapper.  I decided that I would search through all of the "sexy" costumes and find one that was still sexy, but kind of classy as well.  This is the best I could find.  While still being sexy, it's not over the top, it also has a simplicity to it.  Cupcakes are a fairly attractive type of sweet treat, and they lend themselves well to Halloween costumes.  There's just something very 1950s about this costume, and it seems a little bit innocent with a hint of sass.


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