Monday, October 06, 2014

This Week In Candy

Things are really getting back to a routine here at Candy Critic.  Our Instagram feed called "Snack Facts" is once again posting regularly.  This week we'll be looking at fun facts about gummies.  We're still posting regularly on the blog, and even irregularly with some new long format posts dealing with projects, editorials, and all kinds of fun candy stuff (including last week's post about how we shoot candy on the go).  This week we hope to start a new project that will eventually lead to a post all about the trials and tribulations of trying to eat a giant jaw breaker.  We'll be posting regularly on Twitter and Facebook with our daily progress, and once it's all done we'll post the full blog article.

We're also considering re-working the way we use Facebook.  Right now we post a few articles and pictures there, but in the future we're thinking of posting even more articles, similar to our Twitter feed.  I'm not sure if 4 or 5 link posts a day to candy related news articles would be considered obtrusive on Faebook or not.  I'll think about it some more before I go ahead.

This week's review comes to us from a stopover flight in Germany.   I couldn't resist picking up a few bags of gummy treats, and this week's review is one of them.  Click here to read this week's review of Haribo gummy turtles.


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