Monday, November 03, 2014

This Week In Candy

Well Halloween is over, and hope you guys are enjoying all of your spoils.  Some of you are probably too old to trick or treat, but don't feel too sad.  After a few more years you'll start thinking about families of your own, and when you do just remember, you'll have a little child that will go trick or treating for you. Some of you might even have more than one kid, that means twice the trick or treating loot.  I call it the circle of Halloween life, and it moves us all.

Now that Halloween is over we're working on a few articles to keep you guys entertained while the weather gets cold outside.  We have our jaw breaker challenge that was called off on account of me getting a flu, but it's going to be starting for sure this week.  We're also finishing up an article all about army rations, I assure you it involves eating at least one horrible food.  I'm also working out the details for a sexy chocolate smelling challenge, but I need to find some local volunteers to help me out.

This week on our Instagram feed known as "Snack Facts", we're looking at PEZ.  We got a little help from our friends @PezNewsletter and we learned a little bit about this square shaped treat.  You don't have to be on Instagram to follow this feed, you can also follow "Snack Facts" on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Finally this week's new review is of a treat that's trying to change the way we think about ingredients in candy.  The concept is can we make classic candies, without "fake" ingredients.  You can read about how well I thought they achieved this goal right here.


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