Monday, November 17, 2014

This Week In Candy

We just finished up the new and improved Candy Critic Map.  The map is made up of two parts (and hopefully soon a third).  The first section lists some of our favorite candy shops and must see places (these are marked with the blue pins).  I've personally visited every single one of these places, and if you're anywhere near them I highly recommend checking them out.  The second section (marked with red markers) are countries around the world that I've visited, with a suggestion for the must taste candy, must try fast food, best food description in one word, and worst food description in one word.  You'll notice that the markers are on the capital city, but it's supposed to represent the whole country.  The next phase we hope to start will consist of your favorite places to get candies and sweet treats.  We're asking all of you to suggest sweet places people cannot miss.

You also may have noticed that we've officially started up the Giant Jawbreaker Challenge.  It's been a little slow going, but we're working on getting through that giant red jawbreaker one hour at a time.  I'm thinking of starting a betting pool as to how many hours it will take for me to get through it.  You can keep up with the day to day progress of  the Giant Jawbreaker challenge on Facebook, and Twitter.

Don't forget to check out our Instagram feed with our daily Snack Facts.  This week we've decided to give you a potpourri of facts featuring a whole assortment of treats.  You'll learn what's so unique about a Schweppes can, and how many years it took to put the holes in a fruit flavoured Life Savers candy.  Instagram is the main place to check this out, but you can also see our snack facts on our Twitter and Facebook feeds as well.

Next week we're going to have another review-a-thon.  That means that instead of just having one new candy review posted on Monday, there will be a new candy review posted every day.  For this review-a-thon we'll be looking at potato chips.  It's a controversial topic since many people have told me that chips aren't candy, and I shouldn't be reviewing them.  I tell these people, if you don't like it, start your own candy reviewing site, and don't review chips.

This week's review was from our good friends at Torie and Howard.  They make some fine hard candies, and we're always happy when they want to send us some new treats to review.  You can read this week's review of their Meyer Lemon and Raspberry candies right here.


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