Monday, December 22, 2014

This Week In Candy

As of last Thursday night I have not had internet, television, or telephone service at my home.  This has forced me to head out to my local hangout/food establishment to work.  This was something I had always planned on starting so that I could focus on writing a bit more and get out of the house now and again.  It's proven to be a big success, however I've also hit a few glitches with updates and blog posts.  As I iron out these problems I think I'm going to continue this trend, as long as the folks here don't get sick of me and kick me out.

I guess the  big news right now is the Christmas/Chanukah season.  I hope all you guys are having a great holiday season, and I hope it's full of sugar plums and christmas treats.  My plan is to keep it low key, but that plan almost never works out.  So baring that, I hope to have lots of friends around and lots of good food to  munch on.

Last week on Snack Facts we looked at the classic holiday treat, the candy cane.  This week we're going too look a little more broadly at holiday treats, and we're going to feature some random holiday snack facts.  You can check out all our awesome Snack facts on our Instagram feed, and if you don't have Instagram, you can also find it on our Twitter Feed and Facebook page.

Today we're also posting the last of our selection of Christmas candy reviews.  Reese has always impressed me with their holiday treats, and once again I'm not disapointed at all.  Click here to find out why I loved these chocolate bells so much.


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