Friday, January 16, 2015

Candy In the Media

There are two reasons I looked up this commercial the other day.  First of all I discovered (while doing some research for our Instagram feed Snack Facts) that the inventor of Lucky Charms designed his cereal by cutting up Circus Peanuts into a bowl of cereal.  I thought I'd check an old school commercials for fun.  The second reason I'm posting this particular commercial is because it listed some of the more traditional marshmallows from Luck Charms.  Allison and I were talking about Lucky Charms and we thought about buying a box.  Then Allison saw all of the "new" marshmallows now available and she was blown away (in a bad way).  She felt that the new marshmallows were confusing, and she couldn't really figure out what a balloon had to do with a leprechaun.  So do you miss the classic marshmallows in Luck Charms, or are you OK with the new ones?


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