Monday, January 12, 2015

This Week In Candy

So much to talk about this week.  First of all I tried the Ice Cream Sandwich flavour of Snack Pack this weekend, and I don't really get it.  Ice cream sandwiches are vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookies, and this Snack Pack is flavoured with vanilla and chocolate.  What I don't get is where does the cookie and/or ice cream come in.  I guess I could freeze one of these and it would be a little more ice cream like, but still no cookie.  I think it would have been really cool if they could have done something with the texture of the chocolate to make it more cookie like, and why not make it a frozen treat too.  Not bad, but not what I wanted.

Also, I've decided to start a collection of photos of candy counters from all over the world over the last week.  I've asked a few candy stores to contribute photos of their front of house so we can see how cool and different each store is, and many have sent in photos.  I'm still hoping for more contributions, so if you own a store send me a photo and I'll include it on our Candy Map, and on our social media (with a link back to your store).  If you don't own a store, but you know of a great one to feature, ask the owner if you can take a picture and contribute it to our new project.

We've also started to support a new cause here at Candy Critic.  The Beals brothers are trying to make a fun movie about candy called The Hard Candy Kid, and they're looking to get some contributors.  It looks like a really fun project, and I'm a huge supporter of Candy themed art, so I thought I'd share it with you guys.  Check out their Kick Starter page for more details.

Finally, this week we're going to be featuring an article I wrote a little while back about Belgian chocolate.  It's the perfect guide to one of the best chocolate countries in the world.  Going to Belgium can be overwhelming with so many chocolate choices, so I have a few tips to help you get the most of your chocolate experience.

Since we're talking about Belgian chocolate, I thought it would be great to learn a few more facts about one of the great chocolate countries.  So this week's Snack Facts are all about Belgian chocolate.  If you want to learn a new fact about Belgian chocolate every day this week (and keep learning about snacks every weekday after), then follow us on Instagram.  If you don't use Instagram, you can also follow Snack Facts on our Twitter and Facebook feeds as well.

This week's new review is online, and it's a bit of an anomaly.  See what happens when I get disappointed by a candy brand that normally makes some of the best chocolate bars in the world.  Click here to see who disappointed me, and why.


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