Monday, February 02, 2015

This Week In Candy

This week Allison managed to win herself a Keurig machine in a raffle.  I've always had a bit of interest in trying one of these things out, but not enough to invest money into a machine.  I've met a few people who've owned them, but every time I've suggested buying pods and trying them out their machine, the people thought I was kidding.  So now that we have our own machine I've been able to sample the drinking sensation that's been taking over the world.  Later this week I'll post a review of my experiences so far.

Valentine's Day is coming up, it's one of the biggest holidays on the candy calendar.  While a great deal of candy is sold on this holiday, I find that the variety of candy is fairly limited.  Cinnamon hearts, heart shaped chocolate, and heart shaped candies are pretty much it.  It's been a while since someone has come up with a really unique sweet treat to celebrate this day of love.

Don't forget that we have a contest going on right now.  You could win yourself some free Mike and Ikes candies. Just click here to get more details, the contest closes next week so don't delay.

On Snack Facts this week, we're featuring the wafer.  It's a staple ingredient in the candy world, and it's been around for a really long time.  I've only recently gained a true respect for this cookie, mostly because so many companies don't understand exactly how to use them properly.  If you're unfamiliar with Snack Facts, it's our Instagram feed that gives you a new and interesting snack fact every day.  If you're not on Instagram, you can also check out Snack Facts on our Twitter feed and on our Facebook page.

This week's review is proof that if I see a candy on television, I want to try it.  I can't tell you how easily I fall victim to candy commercials. I also can't tell you how many times I've fallen victim, only to be disappointed with the final product. Click here and see how the Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk held up.


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