Monday, February 23, 2015

This Week In Candy

This past week I was sent a whole mess of lollipops from the fine folks at Original Gourmet Lollipops (@oglollipops).  Normally after I get candy from any company the first things I do is do a little taste test and write up a review. This particular shipment however poses a bit of a problem, there's an over abundance of variety.  The folks at Origional Gourmet sent me so many different flavours that I can't really decide which one I want to review.  Fortunately they sent me so many lollipops that I was able to share with all of my friends, family, frankly just about everybody around me over the last week has enjoyed a lollipop.  I've listened to their reaction, but it's just not enough.

So I've decided that I need your input as well.  So I'm asking anybody who reads this to pick a flavour and send it to me.  I realize that you don't actually have these lollipops in front of you, but I'm asking you to pick which flavour you think will be best, based on the name.  If you want to go one step further, why not buy a bag or two of these fine Original Gourmet Lollipops, taste a few and let me know which I should try.  Next week I'll post the results along with the winning review.  You can vote on the flavour you think I should try by leaving a comment here, or dropping us a line on Facebook or Twitter.

Here's a list of all the flavours I've received:

Mocha Latte
Pina Colada
Orange Creamsicle
Candy Apple
Orange Splash
Strawberry Banana
Rootbeer Float
Juicy Grape
Bubble Gum
Wilde Cherry
Juicy Grape
Banana Split
Pomegranate Raspberry
Pink Lemonade
Cherry Cheesecake
Blueberries & Cream
Blue Raspberry
Cotton Candy
Strawberry Shortcake
There are also 6 "Mystery" Flavoured lollipops as well.

This week on Snack Facts, our Instagram feed, we'll be looking at the colour red (or in some cases it may be the colour pink, which should really be called light red, but I won't get into that).  We're going to examine one of the most common colours in the candy industry, it's a little weird, but trust me there's lots to say on the subject.  If you want to follow our Snack Facts feed you can connect into our Instagram feed, or if you don't have Instagram, you can also connect via our Twitter feed and our Facebook page.

This week's review ties in slightly with our Snack Facts theme, and may even be featured in a later post.  The Azuki Kit Kat is one of the most Japanese Kit Kat variations ever.  How this relates to the colour "red"... well you'll have to read here to find out.


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