Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Daily Rations - Part 3 - Sausage and Hash Browns

Everyday this week I'm posting a review of a ration pack meal.  So far this week I've reviewed wieners and bean and cabbage rolls.  Today I'm going to look at a "yummy" breakfast ration, sausage and hash browns.  My first impression of this ration pack, when I dumped it into my bowl was confusion.  I was always under the impression that hash browns were potatoes either grated or chopped into small cubes, then cooked in a pan or on a flattop grill.  The hash browns in this ration pack seemed more like large chunks of boiled potatoes.  There was nothing grilled or fried looking about these potatoes at all.

I was also a little shocked to see the sausages already chopped up into little pieces.  I'm assuming that this is to keep everything bite sized, just in case you don't have a knife and a fork available when you’re eating this pack.  The thing is, why not then just make tiny little sausages, which you can eat in one or two bites?  It would look nicer, and might hold in the meaty flavour a little better.

As far as quality of this ration pack, it was OK.  The flavour of the sausage was the clear winning attribute to this ration pack.  The potato was just as I'd imagined, just boiled potatoes with no fried flavour at all.  Fortunately the flavour of the sausage did mix around into the potato, so it added just a little bit of extra flavour to the bland potatoes.  I'm also really happy that the sausages weren't just hot dogs, similar to the wieners and beans, that would have made this meal really disappointing.


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