Monday, April 27, 2015

This Week In Candy

We're back!  After a three week adventure through Europe, we're back home and ready to go.  It was an epic trip, filled with sweet treats, and lots of cheese.  We're going to post more later this week, and next week about our adventure.  We also posted a few snapshots of our adventure on Facebook and Twitter.  Since we literally just got back yesterday, this week is going to be all about unpacking and organizing this epic adventure.  I have candy to photograph, and photos to sort out, so stay tuned for lots of fun post about our epic trip.

This week on our Instrgram feed Snack Facts, we're going to keep going with random European facts.  While we unpack out bags we're coming across all kinds of things we forgot that we bought.  So at least once a day this week we'll unpack some new Snack Facts about some of the stuff we came across on our European adventure.  You can check out Snack Facts by following us on Instagram, don't use Instagram, well you can also follow Snack facts on our Twitter and Facebook feeds as well.

To get the ball rolling on our European trip round up, we're going to have a European candy review-a-thon all week long.  Check our social media pages every day for a new review of a treat we've picked up on this epic adventure.  We're starting off with a variation of a classic bar, with a truly European twist.  Click here to read today's new review, and check here every day to see the latest edition in our European candy review-a-thon.


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