Monday, April 06, 2015

This Week in Candy/Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter everyone!  I sure hope the bunny brought you guys some tasty treats.  I also encourage you to take up my second favorite part of this holiday, shopping for discount Easter candy on Tuesday.

I'm also announcing that I'm on an adventure right now, off to explore various parts of Europe.  While the point of this trip is to take some time off and vacation, I'm also going to be sampling all kinds of fun treats.  I'll be sure to post a few snapshots on our Facebook page and Twitter feed now and again.  So what does this mean for this blog, and for and this blog?

First of all our weekly new review is going to take a break, probably for most of this month, but I'll make up for it with a review-a-thon when I get back.  Also, This Week in Candy will not be happening, however I am going to try to post a few extra blog posts about what I've seen and done already on my trip (hopefully that will work out).  Our weekly Candy Thing posts and Candy in the Media posts will continue to go up while we're gone, so keep an eye open for those.  Snack Facts (our Instagram feed) will also take a break... sort of. I've decided that if I learn any fun Snack Facts on our trip, I'll post them immediately with a photo of where I learnt it.  Finally we're hoping to record a few segments for our new updated podcast over this trip, and hopefully we'll have those ready to go ASAP when we get back.

I really hope everybody who follows us has a great Easter, and I hope that the spring time weather comes soon so you can start eating Popsicles and ice cream again.


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