Monday, June 01, 2015

This Week In Candy

Over the last few week's I've become obsessed with Dutch foods.  Until visiting this great place, I'd never really known how great their food traditions were.  Most importantly I'd never known how much they love crazy, and tasty treats.  Last week I posted about my visit to the Netherlands, this week we're posting about licorice on Snack Facts, and next week I'm working on an article about hagelslag.  I also have a Dutch licorice review-a-thon planned for the near future.

Last week at the Candy Critic offices, we did something that we have to do about 3 times a year, clean out our candy stash.  Somehow candy accumulates around here, I'm not really sure how since we do eat a lot.  When candy accumulates beyond what we can possibly eat, we have to clean out our stash to make room for all the new treats coming in.  The stuff we clean out goes two places, most of it goes to locals and friends, while a small amount gets chucked.  We also take this time to go through the candies we still have to review, and decide when we plan to review them.  It's not a complicated affair, and it can be really fun to see some of the candies we'd forgotten.

As we said above, inspired by our visit to the Netherlands, and in particular by their crazy licorice, Snack Facts is going to be all about the most polarizing candy in the world, licorice.  Some people love the stuff, others hate it, this week though you're going to learn a little bit about it. Follow us on Instagram to learn some fun facts every week day.  If you don't use Instagram, you can also follow Snack Facts on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.

This week's new review is making things right from last week.  Last week's review was for the Kinder Bueno "Dark", not realizing that we hadn't actually posted a review for the regular Kinder Bueno.  So this week we found a Bueno and now all is right in the Candy Critic universe. Click here to find out how the Bueno fairs compared to it's dark cousin.


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