Monday, July 06, 2015

This Week In Candy

This week I came across an interesting candy related thing, it's an M&Ms candle.  I'm not really sure how M&Ms and candles are related at all, but it interested me enough that I picked one up.  Then I decided that I should buy myself a pack of M&Ms and see how they compare to the candle.  So later this week I'm going to be posting an article where I compare the M&Ms candle to actual M&Ms.  I'll try and do this without getting a mouthful of wax, but I make no promises.

This week it's back to the grind stone... sort of. I'm waiting for word about my latest chapter samples of my book, so I get to take a little time off that project.  Instead of working on the book, I'm going to test out a few baking ideas that people have sent me over the last little while.  In particular I'm interested in trying out upside banana bread cake (recipe here), mostly because I have some bananas I have to use up.   I'll post any results I have good or bad.

This week on Snack Facts we're going to look at one of my favorite flavours, cherry. All this week we'll look at how cherry things have made our world awesome. To follow Snack Facts, all you have to do is follow us on Instagram.  If you don't use Instagram, you can also follow Snack Facts on our Twitter feed and Facebook page as well.

Since I'm working on an M&Ms article this week, I figured I'd might as well post an M&Ms review as well.  This marks the 11th M&Ms review on  Click here to read this latest review, and see how the Almond M&Ms stack up.


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