Monday, July 13, 2015

This Week In Candy

I have an interesting dilemma on my hands.  I'm really craving gummy bears, and I have a bag of gummy bears. The problem is that I'm saving this bag of gummy bears for a particular occasion. Not a special occasion, but a particular occasion.  The occasion is for my next art show, the problem, I don't have an art show planned for the next while (if you want to book me for a show at your gallery you can help me out here).  The gummy bears play a key role in one of the pieces of art that I show, and I don't want to waste them (strangely I don't have access to high quality gummy bears all the time). So here I am with a bag of gummy bears, and my artistic side telling me I can't have them.  What should I do?

I'm also getting ready for my next adventure.  I'm going someplace that isn't really known for candy, but has a fairly famous food background, Sri Lanka.  I'm not sure what to expect other than lots of tea.  Fortunately tea might be my favorite drink, both warm and cold.  I wonder if they incorporate tea into any sweet treats in Sri Lanka?

This week on Snack Facts, our Instagram feed, we're looking at the date to help celebrate our Muslim friend's last few days of Ramadan.  Not the kind of date that takes you to a movie, but the dried fruit with a rock hard pit. Every day this week we'll post a new fact about this sweet dried treat, and all you have to do is follow our Instagram feed to keep up.  If you don't have Instagram you can also follow Snack Facts on our Twitter feed and Facebook page as well.

This week's review is all about eating candies that have an interesting twist.  Sometimes this twist works, and other times it's just an overpriced novelty.  This week's review is an overpriced novelty unfortunately. So click here and find out why my first experience with camel's milk was a bit of a failure.


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