Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wish They Still Made It - Part 4 - Chocolairs

The Choclairs bar review that I have posted on is probably the review that gets the most e-mails of any candy I've reviewed.  So many people look up Choclairs on Google, come across my review, and for a brief moment think that it might be possible to still get one.  I've sent back many a sad reply explaining that this bar is no longer with us, and there is no plans to bring it back.  I'm not sure why it was discontinued, but I'm fairly sure that if Neilsons, or any other candy company, wanted to bring this back that sales would be through the roof.

I for one would order a case right off the bat, and I would share it among friends.  Then I'm sure at least half of them would fall in love with this bar, and cycle would start.  In no time I think this bar would turn back into a legendary treat.

Here's my poem:

This chocolate bar known as Choclairs,
Would make you happy, you'll leave all your cares.
Please bring it back, to my local store,
I would by 20, 30, or more.
I know dozens of people that crave this snack,
Please Neilsons please, bring this bar back.

Click here to read the Candy Critic review.


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