Monday, August 17, 2015

This Week In Candy

This week at the home of we're baking banana bread.  For some reason for the last few weeks we've been overloaded with bananas.  In the warm climate that we live in presently, bananas go bad really quickly, so now we have to make banana bread.  Today I made a batch of banana bread muffins, and later this week I'm hoping to make a banana upside-down cake.  After that I'm not really sure what I'll be doing, suggestions are welcome.

We're also spending some time recuperating from our Sri Lankan adventure.  While it's always fun to travel, the aftermath is hard to deal with. We have lots of photos to go through (for the blog and for our sister site, lots of snacks that we brought back to finish sampling (read more below), and we have to start thinking about our next adventure.  We're still not 100% sure where we're going next, so I'll ask you, where should we go on our next big adventure?

This week on Snack Facts we're going to have our cake... and eat it too?  All this week on our Instagram feed called Snack Facts we're looking at  the birthday staple, cake.  Each day we'll post a new cake fact, mostly on the history of cake this week.  If you don't use Instagram, that's OK, you can still learn about cake by following us on Twitter or Facebook instead.

As mentioned above, we have a whole truck load of Sri Lankan candies that we brought back from our epic adventure.  So what better way to share these treats than a Sri Lankan snack review-a-thon.  That means that each day this week we'll post a new Sri Lankan snack review.  Today's review features some of the strangest descriptions I've ever seen on a candy package.  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the rest of our candy reviews this week, or just visit every day.


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