Monday, September 14, 2015

This Week In Candy

We have two interesting pieces of news here at Candy Critic.  First of all, we've decided to look a little closer at candy and health.  We believe that although candy is fun, it's also important to eat healthy and take care of yourself.  So we got FitBits all around, and we're going to spend some time looking at our diet, our exercise, and our lifestyle, to find a way to make sure that candy and health can co-exist.  In the next few months we'll have a few blog posts on the subject, as well as fairly regular check ins on how we're doing, health wise.

Secondly, it looks like yet another adventure is upon us, this time to Africa.  In the next few weeks we're heading to Africa to check out all the cool stuff from this awesome continent.  As always we expect to find all kinds of cool food treats along the way, and we'll be sharing our finds on Facebook and Twitter.  We also hope to collect a few African candies and treats to review, since this is the continent with the fewest reviews so far.  We're not leaving yet, but it's happening soon.

This week on Snack Facts, our Instagram feed, we're looking at British candy.  All this week we're going to look at our favourite candy making nation.  Follow us on Instagram to get a British candy fact sent to you every day this week. If you don't use Instagram, don't worry, you can follow Snack Facts on our Facebook page and Twitter feed as well.

This week's new review is a cake treat made by the same people who like to stick small toys into chocolate eggs.  Without giving away too much about this review, I can tell you that this company should probably stick to what they're good at.  Click here to read the review.


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