Monday, October 12, 2015

This Week In Candy

We're still on the road to Halloween, and we're continuing our month with cool posts to help you celebrate the ultimate candy holiday.  This Wednesday we're featuring another candy themed costume, I'm sure if you get a rush delivery you could get it for yourself this holiday season.  On Friday we're also continuing with our series on how they make some of the candies you might get this year on Halloween.

As I also mentioned last week, we're away.  I'm not sure where we are exactly right now, but it's somewhere in Southern Africa.  Maybe by now I've seen an elephant or a lion, that would be cool.  I'm sure I've probably also already found a few fun African treats, and maybe even posted them on our Twitter feed or Facebook page.

Since we're away that also means Snack Facts, our Instagram feed is running slightly irregular.  But don't worry, we'll post fun snack facts as we go, and as we get Internet access, which might be sparse at times.


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