Monday, October 05, 2015

This Week In Candy

It's Halloween month!  That means we'll have all kinds of fun posts about the best candy themed holiday of the year.  On our regular Wednesday "Candy Thing" posts we're reviving a tradition we have here at Candy Critic and we're going to feature wacky candy themed costumes.  All this month on our Candy in the Media blog posts (posted every Friday), we're going to look how some of your favorite Halloween candy is made.

While you're busy checking out all our Halloween content, we're actually going to be away.  As you read this we're already in Africa on an epic adventure.  We'll be posting as often as we can of Twitter and Facebook all about our adventures thus far.

Since we're away, Snack Facts wont be posting regularly.  Instead we'll post things as we find them on our adventure.  Sometimes we post more often than once a day, sometimes if the Internet isn't available, we can't post at all.  But make sure to check our Instagram feed for anything while we're gone.

No reviews while we're gone either... Man what a bummer, I'm sure we've found some pretty cool African candies buy now too.  I guess we'll just have to wait till we get back to post anything about them.


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