Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tips for Food and Travel

A few weeks ago I did a talk about the food and travel writing I’ve done all over the world. During this speech I presented a list of travel and food writing tips. Unfortunately the talk wasn't recorded, but I thought I would share the written version here. I also think that this is something I'll probably ad to on a regular basis.

Tips for travel and food

It's very difficult to find a true local restaurant, local food is often something served at home, and when locals go out they often want something exotic.
The best local restaurants don't advertise authenticity, they just are.

Street food is the biggest food gamble, you either get the greatest meal ever or food poisoning.

Always visit food markets and grocery stores where you travel, this is truly where the locals eat.

With that in mind, try and cook for yourself when you travel, take the ingredients you find at the markets and make something.
Talk to people that sell food, waiters, cooks, and store owners.

Looking at other people's plates is a great way to decide what to eat at a restaurant, don't be afraid to ask questions. With that in mind, make sure to help others if they ask you about what you're eating.

Don't always go for the most expensive food items on a menu, it's a trap. Onions and potatoes fried together in oil are extremely cheap and it tastes fantastic.

Don't ignore subtle differences. Kit Kat bars taste remarkably different all over the world.

Just because it's pre-packaged doesn't mean it's not worth trying.
Salty and sweet work very well together

Don't judge foods till you’ve tasted them, but it's still OK not to like it.

Don't mess with oils. Leave them alone.

Keep a food journal.
Common foods for some are brand new for others. Just ask any British person about peanut butter, or anyone from the UAE about Almond Joy.

Culture and food are tied together and are guided by the environment. Look around you when you travel, you'll often find food everywhere, and look on your plate when you're eating, you'll often find clues about the environment you're in.

Art and food are the same thing.


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